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Classy Classic Contest

Winners and prizes will be communicated via email!

Step 1 - Enter the following information:

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Make of Auto (i.e Chevy, Ford, etc.): 

Model (i.e. Corvette, Mustang):  


Vehicle Decription(e.g. Specs, options, condition, mileage, awards won, etc.):

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Step 2 - Select method for sending photos (Send 1 to 5):

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        A)  Via Email - Attach your photos to an email message addressed to: ClassicContest@ClassicCarMall.com

       B)  Via US Mail - Send your photos to:  Classy Classic Contest; c/o Classic Car Mall; 333 Depot Street; Latrobe, Pa 15650   -    (If you would like your photos returned include a Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope)

Be creative with your Photo Submissions.  Some of the best photos show not only the car, but you, your friends, awards, etc.!

Step 3 - Submit this Form (Click the SUBMIT button below - and don't forget to send your photos):

Winners and prizes will be communicated via email!

Good LUCK!

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